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10 modern religions, which appeared on the basis of films and literary works

Many canonical religions have existed for such a long time that there are ongoing discussions around them about what is a fact and a myth in their history. But recently there are new creeds, about which fictional origin no doubt arises. Today, the review of the “dozen” practiced religions, which were created based on modern art works.

Dudeism (“The Big Lebowski,” directed by Joel Cohen, Ethan Coen)
The cult film of the Coen brothers “Big Lebowski” is not popular for the first year, and its fans have created their own religion – dudeism. The postulates of this religion correspond to the worldview of the protagonist of the film, and its followers preach opposition to greed and aggression, arguing that you need to go with the flow and treat everything frivolously. Followers of dudeism argue that such a philosophy has existed since ancient times. At the moment, there are 220,000 dudeists around the world. Remarkably, dudeist priests are legally entitled to conduct wedding ceremonies at weddings in the United States.

Jediism (Star Wars, director George Lucas)
Despite the apparent similarity with the Star Wars franchise, the Jedi Temple welcomes visitors to its site with the following phrase: “We are not a Star Wars role community, we are the real church of true religion – Jedism.” Fans of this religion, of course, do not look like Star Wars characters that exist in the literary-cinematic universe.

The Jedi believes in the power of man and the holiness of the human person. Adherents of this religion oppose the use of torture and cruel punishment, including the death penalty. They argue that society should be guided by laws based on reason and compassion, not on fear or harm. Such a society should not allow discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender or ethnicity. The Jedi belief system is described in the following works: “Three Principles”, “Code”, “Credo”, “16 Teachings” and “21 Maximum”.

Elven religion or community of others (Lord of the Rings, Tolkien)
Any mention of the existence of elves and dragons, especially now that the sixth film of the Lord of the Rings series appeared, immediately evokes associations with characters created by Tolkien. A growing subculture has emerged, whose members believe that they are not human, or at least not completely human.

This community is inspired by the works of Tolkien, but its followers do not necessarily worship the deities that are present in the world created by Tolkien. Just their way of thinking is very similar to the elves and other characters of the famous English writer. Many “Others”, as they call themselves, believe that they are reincarnated souls of elves, dragons and other creatures invented by Tolkien. They claim that they often feel “Tosca” – the feeling that they are not of this world and should be somewhere else. Inherent in fans of the elven religion and “Awakening” – a state in which they recall their past life as an elf.

Church of All Worlds (novel “The Stranger in a Foreign Country”, Robert Heinlein)

The Church of All Worlds – founded in 1961 on the science fiction novel The Stranger in a Foreign Country by Robert Heinlein’s Neo-Pagan Church. Its creators are a group of fans who were Heinlein’s novel and the fictional religion he wrote about. The church, founded in the United States, found its followers even on the other side of the earth – in Australia, where members of communities several times a year gather for holy rites of “connecting to a common consciousness.”

Mages of Chaos (Myths about Cthulhu, Howard Lovecraft)

Lovecraft has created a series of fantastic stories known as Myths of Cthulhu. Despite the fact that his works were not particularly popular during his lifetime, they were influenced by science fiction around the world. In addition, in his science fiction novels, Lovecraft was able to popularize the idea of ​​Chaos Magic so much that his fans put this idea into religious status.

Vampire community
There are many references to vampires in science fiction. This genre arose after the publication of Heinrich August Ossenfelder’s book “Der Vampir” in 1748. Later, countless books and films appeared in a similar genre. And although most people share the view that vampires are fictional characters, there is also a surprisingly large community that considers itself a vampire and takes it very seriously.

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