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8 of the most iconic routes of books and films that each must repeat

Some good artworks are so strongly imprinted in our souls that we are even ready to go on a journey to places where their main characters have been. That is why a huge number of popular tourist routes based on well-known books and movies appeared. In this review we will tell about 8 of the most iconic of them.


The poem in Benedict Yerofeyev’s prose “Moscow-Petushki”, which tells about the journey of the hero named Venichka on the electric train of the same name, became a cult work of twentieth-century Russian literature.

An extraordinary book, full of all-modern references to the Bible, Soviet realities, classical Russian literature and theorists of Marxism-Leninism, fairly seasoned with foul language, alcohol and irony, has become one of the favorite works of the Russian intelligentsia of several generations.

And the 125-kilometer Moscow-Petushki railway route turned into a cult one. Fans of Venedikt Yerofeyev’s creativity are continually going on a journey on this train, reading a book while driving to the stations mentioned in it.

The Way of St. James

The path of St. James, Camino de Santiago, was the main road of Europe in the Middle Ages. This route was formed at the end of the first millennium, it led through many European countries to the north-west of Spain, to the city of Santiago de Compostela, where, according to legends, the relics of the Apostle James, one of the companions of Jesus Christ, are kept.

At the time of the peak of popularity of this route, hundreds of thousands of people per year walked along it, but in the sixteenth century, the popularity of the Way of St. James went down due to plague epidemics and continental wars. In the middle of the twentieth century, only a few dozen people walked along these paths in a year.

Everything changed the release in 1987 of Paolo Coelho’s novel “Pilgrimage” (in Russian translation, also known as “The Diary of the Magician”). The hero of this work was walking along the famous route, understanding himself and acquiring magical skills along the way.

Since then began the rapid growth of the popularity of the Path of St. James. Now over 200 thousand people a year pass through it. He added those wishing to go on this route and the release in 2010 of the feature film “The Way” with Martin Sheen in the lead role.
The novel of the Irish writer James Joyce tells about one day in the life of the Dublin Jew Leopold Bloom, who wanders through the city from place to place, meeting different people on the way and thinking about life.

This novel is insanely complex in structure; it is not easy to read. However, Ulysses is recognized by critics as one of the greatest works of world literature. Moreover, fans of the novel, being in Dublin, tend to follow the literary route of Leopold Bloom.

Such hikes are especially numerous on June 16 each year (on this day the events described in “Ulysses” take place), when the so-called Bloomsday, Bloom Day is celebrated.

Hundreds, thousands of people get together on this day and walk along the path of a literary hero, reading out excerpts from the novel and dressing up in costumes of the early twentieth century. Every year, at the end of May, a mass race takes place along the Bloom’s wanderings route – the distance in it is 12 kilometers.

The Adventures of the Good Soldier Schweik

“The Adventures of the Brave Soldier Schweik during World War I” is one of the greatest comic and anti-war books in history. The story about the life of the simple-minded, stupid, but at the same time very wise, kind and resilient Czech soldier has been a cult character for almost a hundred years, and his route through Central and Eastern Europe has become a tourist.

Fans of the immortal book of Yaroslav Hasek go on a journey through six countries (Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine and Poland), as well as dozens of cities, including Prague, Vienna, Budapest and Lviv. This route became especially popular with the accession of the majority of the mentioned states to the European Union and the destruction of the borders between them.

Thames Boat Tour

No less ridiculous and popular comic book is the story of the Englishman Jerome K. Jerome “Three in a boat, not counting dogs.” In it, the author of the story

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