Home theater that fits in a backpack
Recently, a gadget has appeared that will allow you to watch your favorite movies not only at any time, but also almost anywhere. The new Chinese projector has all chances…

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12 things that were cinema fiction, but became a reality
People who lived in ancient times predicted that in thousands of years the world would develop into something that went beyond the limits of human imagination. Perhaps they were right.…

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Belarusians have created “clothes of the future” that can imitate pain
At the annual consumer electronics exhibition CES 2018, traditionally held in Las Vegas, representatives of the Belarusian startup Teslasuit appeared, the purpose of which is to create “smart clothes of…

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10 celebrities with the most expensive smiles

Becoming a celebrity is easier than keeping this status, as they have to spend a lot of money on beauty. And this is understandable, the views of the whole world are riveted precisely to them, and they have no right to look bad. Most of the stars were not born with perfect smiles, and they have to spend fortunes on the services of dentists. We offer to find out how much celebrities cost their perfect smiles.

10. Hilary Duff

The heroine of the Disney TV series, Hilary Duff, became famous after the release of the television series Lizzie McGuire, after the filming of which she was recognized as the ideal of all teenagers. The first porcelain crowns the actress put in 2005, but, unfortunately, they were incorrectly chosen in size, and the critic was not long in coming. Since the crowns were not proportional, they had to be changed in 2008. The new ones looked natural and ideally suited the actress, although from time to time they too had to be bleached.

9. Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts became famous after the screening of the film “Pretty Woman” (1990), the fees of which amounted to 464 million dollars. American talented and highly paid actress and producer, owner of the Golden Globe and several Oscars actress, and just a beautiful woman has one of the most expensive smiles in the world thanks to porcelain crowns.

8. Zac Efron
The American actor and singer began acting in the 2000s and became famous after the main role he played in the Disney TV series “School Musical”. Today he is one of the most famous actors, but neither he nor his smile was always perfect. When he was filming for the first time, there were tremendous tremes between the teeth. Over time, the distance has decreased due to invisible braces. 10 000 dollars the actor spent on straightening and whitening teeth.

7. Kate Beckinsale
English actress became famous while studying at Oxford. In 1993, she made her debut in the film “Much Ado About Nothing,” and in 1994, in the British TV series “Prince of Jutland”. But the most famous roles of the actress are the roles in the films “Pearl Harbor” and “Click: With the Remote in Life” (2006). Smile actress obliged to dentists. They not only straightened and whitened their teeth, but also slightly corrected the gums themselves.

6. Demi Moore

American actress, director, songwriter and model began her career at the age of 16. In 1981, she appeared naked in the pages of the magazine “Oui”, and a year later she appeared in her first series “Main Hospital”. Moore also successfully starred in the films “Rio is to blame for everything” (1984), “Lights of Saint Elmo” (1985) and “On the last night” (1986), after which she acquired the status of a Hollywood actress. Moore spent $ 12,000 on her smile, including laser whitening and porcelain crowns.

5. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is perhaps one of the celebrities with the most disgusting teeth before the dentists did. The actor, who will play Batman in the next series, spent a lot of money on a smile. He just needed to take care of his teeth, as they were crooked and with great timeliness. Dentists have solved the problems of the actor with the help of crowns and bleaching. All services cost $ 20,000.

4. Tom Cruise
The American actor and director, nominated three times for an Oscar, winner of the Golden Globe, ranks 4th in the ranking of the most expensive smiles in the world. He began his career at the age of 19 in the movie Endless Love (1981). In the same year, he starred in the movie “End,” and in 1983 – in the movies “Outcasts” and “Risky Business.” International fame came to the actor after the release of the series “The best shooter” (1986). In 1996, Tom Cruise starred in the role of Ethan Hunt’s secret agent in the film “Mission is impossible.” In his youth, the actor had big problems with his teeth. Having spent 30,000 dollars, Tom Cruise straightened and bleached them.

3. Cheryl Cole
Cheryl Cole, one of the most beautiful women in the world, has one of the most expensive smiles. But she also had problems with her teeth, as they were crooked and stuck out in some places. As a result of whitening, straightening and reshaping, the actress can be proud of her perfect porcelain smile. Only one porcelain crown cost the actress 500 pounds, and whitening one tooth – 200 pounds.

2. George Clooney
This man is envied by both men and women all over the world, because he has perfect forms and facial features. When Clooney smiles, it seems that everything is in order. This perfect smile cost George 30,000 dollars. Porcelain crowns cost the actor $ 1000 per unit. With the help of a laser, the gums were also corrected. The most beautiful man in the world has one of the most expensive smiles.

1. Victoria Beckham

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