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10 little-known facts about the creator of the robot R2-D2 – the cult character of “Star Wars”

Tony Dyson may not be as well known as George Lucas, but his contribution to Star Wars is simply impossible to overestimate. The visual effects specialist came up with eight different versions of the iconic R2-D2 character for George Lucas, and also designed robotics for companies such as Sony, Philips and Toshiba. He worked on special effects for the films “Superman 2”, “Moon Racer” and “Dragon Winner”. Recently, Tony Dyson is gone. In memory of him you decided to tell about this amazing person.

1. Dyson helped James Bond to go out into space

In 1979, in the “Moon Racer” (the eleventh film about the adventures of James Bond), the British superspy flew into space to track down the stolen shuttle. The film producers hired Dyson and his team to create an orbital entourage and “36 models of astronauts, complete with backpacks, laser guns and clothing for space.” Dyson also created special effects for the films “Other hypostases” (1980), “Superman 2” (1980), and “The Winner of the Dragon” (1981).

2. About hamburgers and airplanes

When Tony Dyson was asked to tell about his first meeting with George Lucas, the Briton said that they were not talking about R2-D2, but about hamburgers and flights. In particular, that “it is difficult to find a good American-style hamburger in the UK” and that George does not like to fly. And R2-D2 was already discussed during the second meeting.

3. Eight R2-D2 models
After working without mentioning Star Wars in the credits (1977), Dyson explained that for the next film (The Empire Strikes Back), as many as eight R2-D2 models were made, as well as a master form for the further production of robot blocks . Two models were remotely controlled, two were intended for actor Kenny Baker, and another four were incomplete – they were used in scenes in the swamps of the planet Dagobah.

4. Charm – R2-D2 Forte
The popularity of R2-D2 among the audience did not come as a surprise to Dyson. “The robot was built specifically to attract attention to it,” he said in an interview with Digital Journal. – “Personality” R2 really gets out of the project. If you look at its design, then R2 is not an animal or a man, but something completely different. At the first visual contact, a person becomes confused: what is it? He has no arms, no two eyes, but there are three legs and he makes lovely sounds. ”

5. Third leg R2-D2

“Due to the design features, R2-D2 is rather unstable because the center of balance is too high. The third leg is pushed down by electronic activators and is something like a tripod. R2 can “walk” by pushing the middle leg forward and leaning on the other two.

6. Dyson and Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Helen Greiner, co-founder of iRobot, saw R2-D2 for the first time in 11 years. He made such an impression on the girl that Helen subsequently took up robotics and developed Roomba.

7. Dyson and green screen technology

Dyson did not believe that every innovation in cinema technology is necessarily an improvement. He claimed that he had repeatedly seen in Hollywood directors who refuse to work with chroma key or green screen technology.

8. Dyson and rescue drones

Last year, Dyson talked about his latest project: “I launched a new startup called Green Drones for the production of unmanned aerial vehicles that will help humanity. These fully automated drones will be used for search and rescue operations. ”

9. R2-D2: there will be no replicas!

One of the points of his agreement with George Lucas was that Dyson would never be allowed to create another R2-D2.

10. Dyson’s favorite character
When Dyson was asked about his favorite robot in films (except R2-D2), he replied: “Robot No. 5, because it has great mobility, mental strength, fire power, a sense of humor and good taste in women.”

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