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7 technologies that will change the cinema very soon

Everything in our world is changing. Particularly actively developing what brings people money. An exception to this rule is not cinema, which already in the 21st century can survive another major technical revolution. Here are the most curious and promising innovations that will definitely leave a mark on this industry.

1. Hyper-Matrix Kinetic Screen

The kinetic screen was shown by the Hyundai Motor Group. With it, a large-scale kinetic installation was implemented at one of the exhibitions. Many believe that such technology of moving cubes and panels showing a picture can be used in the cinema, opening up previously inaccessible horizons of creativity for directors.

2. “The figure” against the film

Today, there are still a lot of directors, who prefer to shoot on the good old film. Christopher Nolan doesn’t want to give up proven technology, for example. Quentin Tarantino altogether takes some of his films on rare film samples, which today are almost not produced. Nevertheless, technology does not stand still, and digital shooting takes up more and more space in the cinema.

3. New stabilizers and UAVs

In the 70s of the XX century, operator Garrett Brown made a real revolution, creating the so-called “Stediki”. This is an excellent tool to stabilize the camera, however, it requires considerable experience and physical strength from the operator. Today, new stabilizers, including drones, are replacing the Steadic.

4. “Apt” cameras

The University of Tokyo has developed a high-speed shooting system. In short, this is an innovative system that allows you to keep the object being shot always in the frame. Moreover, this technology allows you to shoot at speeds up to 1 thousand frames per second.

5. Projection 270 degrees

The latest technology Screen X, which is now filmed only one film, can initiate the rebirth of 3D. This technology allows you to get a full, expanded picture thanks to a 270 degree shooting angle. Such a broad overview allows the viewer to go deeper into the film.

6. Video mapping

The developers of Microsoft Research have created the latest system using a Kinect camera and an IllumiRoom projector. While the technology is intended only for computer games, however, it can be used in cinema. Thanks to it, the user will be able to fill the entire room with a picture so that the peripheral view is also involved in watching the movie. In this case, you can fill, as the picture itself, and thematic dynamic elements, for example, falling snowflakes.

7. IMAX Laser Projectors

IMAX technology has already revolutionized the cinema and definitely, in the next few years, the development of laser projectors will say its word more than once.

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