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7 hard-to-find kinokrukov, the performers of which almost turned his neck

Who does not risk, he does not drink champagne. Nevertheless, there are many professions in the world connected with the direct risk of life. And in particular it concerns the world of cinema. After all, the creators of the films were not ready to go to give the viewer a thrilling spectacle.

1. “Finally safe!”

The painting “Safety Last!” Was filmed in 1923. The film played a prominent comedian of that era, Harold Lloyd, who also became famous for the most dangerous stunts on the screen. The love of tricks did not beat off the actor even the incident of 1919, when on the set he was blown off 2 fingers by an explosion. So, here in one of the scenes of “Safety Last!” Loyd had to climb a steep wall without insurance, as well as hang on the clock hand.

2. “Steamship Bill”

The film “Steamboat Bill, Jr.” was filmed in 1928. The main stuntman of Hollywood of those times Buster Keaton who performed countless dangerous tricks participated in it. The legacy of his work today can be found in almost every movie where there is an action scene. So, here in one of the scenes of “Steam Bill” a brick wall was to fall on Buster so that he was standing in the window opening of the second floor. This trick was performed live, and at the time of filming a large part of the management of the site where they made the film, decided to leave easy. By the way, the art of Buster Keaton was inspired by Jackie Chan.

3. “Stagecoach”

The film “Stagecoach” of 1939 is considered to be the first real fighter. It was a solid Western, which subsequently had a tremendous impact on the formation of Hollywood. In the film, there is a scene of an Indian attack. She is full of spectacular stunts, even by today’s standards. All tricks were done by professional stuntmen. They even fell under the hooves of horses.

4. “Ben-Hur”

The “Ben-Hur” film of 1959 is obsolete in everything today, with the exception of the stunts that are really great in movies. And very dangerous. One of the most difficult scenes was the chariot race. It is curious that the best trick turned out by chance. The horses rushed to the place where the debris lay on the road. The horses jumped over them, but the chariot drawn into them almost turned over.

5. “The man with the golden gun”
There have always been many spectacular tricks in Bond films. However, the picture “The Man with the Golden Gun”, shot in 1974, deserves special mention. So, in the film there is a jump in a car with a 360 degree coup. Performed by his stuntman Bumps Willard. It is curious that the trick itself was invented even before the writing of the script for the film. He was even pre-patented by the producers.

6. “The Spy Who Loved Me”

The decoration of another film about 007 “The Spy Who Loved Me”, filmed in 1977, was an incredible ski chase. At the end of the chase, the hero jumps on skis from a huge cliff. After a few moments of flight, the viewer saw a huge parachute open behind the character’s back. The chase was shot in the mountains of Canada. This trick was performed by stuntman Rick Sylvester. At the time of this film, Rick’s jump was the most expensive movie stunt.

7. “In Search of the Lost Ark”

Needless to say, how much influence did Indiana Jones film have on entertainment cinema? Here is the film “Raiders of the Lost Ark” in 1981 entered the history of cinema through tricks. One of the most difficult was the trick in which the hero finds himself on the front radiator of a truck and cannot climb it, after which he finds himself under a truck and dangles along the ground, clinging to the car with a whip. This trick was performed by stuntman Terry Leonard. Harrison Ford, young at that time, was trying to do everything on his own and still convinced the director that he should personally take part in shooting several close-ups of that moment.

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