Star Wars Technologies: 8 scientific developments based on the film
Long ago, in a far-away ... studio, film director George Lucas created one of the most original and iconic works of science fiction - the Star Wars cult franchise. Almost…

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Legends come alive: a flying model of a starship from Star Trek
The flying model of the famous starship on a remote control from the popular Star Trek sci-fi media franchise created a real sensation in the community of fans of the…

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Belarusians have created “clothes of the future” that can imitate pain
At the annual consumer electronics exhibition CES 2018, traditionally held in Las Vegas, representatives of the Belarusian startup Teslasuit appeared, the purpose of which is to create “smart clothes of…

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Enchanting kinolyapy: 9 most unreliable science fiction films

Science fiction is a special genre in cinema, which is far from easy to shoot. Almost any fantastic film implies a large budget and complex special effects. Many of the films presented below have long been loved by the audience, and serious discrepancies between the events on the screen and reality can hardly change that.

1. Vanilla sky

According to the plot, the main character of the picture arrives in a 150-year-old freeze in a cryogenic chamber, while simultaneously existing in the virtual world created for him. Everything would be fine, only real cryonics implies a complete freezing of all human organs, including the brain. Thus, no visions can be, since the activity of neurons is absent.
2. 2012

The catastrophe film “2012” for the most part completely contradicts the physical laws. This is understandable: in order to make an effective blockbuster, it is sometimes necessary to go against science. That’s just in the movie “2012” a lie begins from the very beginning. In the story, the Sun irradiates our planet with a stream of neurino, which heats the core of the Earth and causes a seismic apocalypse. However, in reality, neurino is neutral particles that do not interact with matter.
3. lucy
In the film “Lucy,” a pretty blonde accidentally tries a special drug that develops her superpowers. The creators of the film exploit the popular myth that if the human brain starts working at 100%, its owner will acquire unprecedented intellectual and physical abilities. In fact, the brain cannot fully function, since a separate brain lobe is responsible for a specific action. In other words, for our brain to work at 100%, we must perform several hundred tasks at the same time, which is physically impossible.
4. Armageddon

According to the space agency NASA, the film “Armageddon” can be used for educational purposes. In total, 168 scientific blunders were recorded in the film, starting with the atmosphere that came from the asteroid from nowhere and ending with the force of gravity in space.
5. Volcano

According to the plot of the film in the center of Los Angeles, a violent volcano wakes up, spewing lava throughout the city. Here only in the City of Angels a volcanic eruption could never occur, as the metropolis stands on a single monolithic slab. According to, lava can pass through the earth’s surface only at the junction of tectonic plates.
6. Chain Reaction

In the center of the picture is a scientist who has developed a technology that allows getting cheap energy from water. According to the statements of nuclear physicists, the film “Chain Reaction” is just a fairy tale that tries to lay claim to reality. Numerous experiments have proven that cheap energy cannot be obtained from water.
7. Sixth day

The popular science fiction film with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the leading role takes us into the near future, in which people have learned to clone their own kind. Here are just a revolutionary technology was not used for peaceful purposes. The criminals began to clone people to the right and left at intervals of several hours. And the clones remained memories and feelings. Although humanity has not learned to clone people, so illogical course of events is possible only in the fantasy of the authors of the film.
8. Gravity

If you know even a little astrophysics and astronaut, then you will understand how illogical and implausible film “Gravity”. Not only is the Russians to blame for all the troubles (in this case, the destruction of the satellite), and the fact that all the laws of gravity are violated in the tape. For example, the most tragic moment when the hero of George Clooney sacrifices himself is made only for the sake of drama. In reality, the weight of even an adult man in space is no more than the weight of a matchbox, and it would not be difficult for him to keep his main character.
9. Angels and Demons

The plot of the film unfolds around antimatter, which is kidnapped and brought to the Vatican to arrange a mass terrorist attack. Despite the fact that the film “Angels and Demons” does not position itself as a fantastic picture, there is still a time for absurd moments. First, scientists still do not know what antimatter looks like and whether it is possible to extract it at all. Secondly, the transport of antimatter would hardly have been so easy. Read also about the 5 predictions of science fiction writers, which came true after a while.

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