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7 popular misconceptions that people continue to believe because of the TV series

It’s hard to find someone who didn’t like any movies. At the same time, since childhood, we are told that everything in life is not at all like on a blue screen. Surprisingly, even adults and educated people do not always realize how much cinema simplifies certain things in the name of pathos and drama.

1. Chloroform lulls

Very often in the movie you can see how with the help of a cloth soaked in chloroform almost instantly put to sleep some poor fellow. In fact, in order for a person to lose consciousness due to chloroform vapors, he needs to breathe them for 5-10 minutes. In addition, the effects of the chemical will be very short.

2. Check grenades easily pulled out
Have you ever seen how cool guys in a movie tear grenades with teeth? In fact, the check is much tougher than shown in the movie. Anyone who would try to do so in life would have been quicker without a pair of teeth.

3. Shooting in Macedonian

In Hollywood “action movies”, tough guys often shoot with two hands with pistols (or even bigger ones), and at the same time they hit the crowd of opponents at a considerable distance. In fact, it is completely inconvenient to shoot in Macedonian, but there is no need to talk about any accuracy at all.

4. Autopsy will show

In thrillers and detectives, forensic scientists are often able to answer almost any question from the investigator. All this is very far from the truth. Examination allows you to collect additional evidence and, at best, to determine the type of death of a person (violent or non-violent) and all. Moreover, any person’s death is considered a violent death in the examination, with the exception of death from illness or old age, including accident and suicide.

5. A silenced pistol is silent.

A very popular Hollywood myth. In fact, a pistol with a silencer is far from being silent. Modern silencers reduce the sound of a shot at best by one third. Thus, to shoot someone indoors so that it is not heard in the next room will not work.

6. Police track calls

Seen in the movie, how brave police are able to track the location of the caller on the phone in a couple of minutes? In fact, this procedure requires much more time. In reality, it takes about an hour to determine the coordinates and this is not done as intensely as in films.

7. Defibrillator launches heart

If the human heart stops beating, the defibrillator is no longer used. All that the device can do with the heart muscle stopped is to fry it. In fact, the defibrillator is not used to start a stopped heart, but to restore the normal rhythm that is still beating.

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