7 cinemas from around the world where you can forget why you came there
Cinema is a wonderful way to relax after a lot of work. In the Internet era, there is no problem finding a movie. But if you are a movie fan…

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10 fascinating fictional languages that are found in literature and in movies
Quite often, writers and screenwriters endow their heroes with their own fictional languages. Sometimes, in order to preserve the intrigue of what is happening, sometimes in order to add depth…

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25 Little-Known Star Wars Facts That Will Awaken a Jedi to Anyone
The Star Wars franchise has become a cult film of modern cinema. Adults and children around the world will easily recognize iconic images from this iconic fantasy saga, such as…

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What movie to watch in movies in February 2019? We have put together a new movie billboard for you for February, which you can definitely go for!

Kruti 1918

The historical drama “Kruty 1918” is close to each of us. The heroic deed of students Krutenets is not only about the war, but also about the formation of the personality, the relationship of fathers and children and incredible willpower.

Interview with God

A touching drama about a promising journalist Paul. He believes in God, but his faith is shaken at the moment when he interviewed a man who calls himself God.

Alita Battle angel

New fantastic epic from master James Cameron.

XXVI century. On Earth, the rich live in the Heavenly City, and the poor live in the Lower City, where all the waste and garbage is dumped. Once, in a pile of scrap metal in the Lower City, a scientist found parts of a cyborg woman and brought her back to life. Cyborg does not remember anything except fighting techniques. And she wants to find out who sent her to a landfill.

Everybody knows
The story of Carolina, who travels from Buenos Aires to Spanish relatives. Instead of a short visit to the family holiday, the heroine has to go through a number of unforeseen and unpleasant events.

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem starring just look very cool.

100 things and nothing more

The guys Paul and Tony are tied to their trash – clothing, equipment and other things. They cannot live without them and always compete on who has the best stuff. Now they decided to compete in another.

For 100 days, the men abandoned all property. Every day they can return one thing to themselves, but only then put it back.

Very life affirming and funny, according to the trailer.

Happy death day 2

Continuation of the horror movie “Happy Day of Death”, where the main character, Three Gelbman, was killed on her birthday. The girl lived the day again and again until she found the killers. But everything repeated again. Why?

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What movie to watch in movies in February 2019? We have put together a new movie billboard for you for February, which you can definitely go for! Kruti 1918 The…