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Sarah Jessica Parker is an actress who has become the real face of a free and modern girl. And her role as Kerry Bradshaw has become truly iconic.

Due to the fact that the image of Kerry is associated with Sarah so much that some do not even know the real name of the actress, it seems that she has never been seen anywhere else.
And no. On her birthday, we have collected for you 5 cool movies in Sarah Jessica Parker, which are definitely worth a look.

“First Wives Club”, 1996
Before filming “Sex”, Sarah Jessica Parker appeared in Hugh Wilson’s comedy, which was filmed from the novel of the same name. In this comedy a lot of great actresses have gathered. And even after twenty years of something, the comedy looks amazing.

And the actress herself looks even better in the image of a thin separated wedlock husbands with their wives. Here, bright all – and the main characters, and secondary.

“Hello family!”, 2005
In the movie “Hello Family!” Directed by Thomas Bezuchi, Sarah Jessica Parker reappeared in the role of the Manhattan “stuff” – Meredith Morton. For this role, she received a nomination for the Golden Globe Award, as “the best actress of the comedy genre.”

According to the plot of the film, Meredith (that is, Sarah) led to get acquainted with the relatives of her fiance – Evverett Stone. That’s just his family is a little provincial, eccentric and very large. This is where the storyline began.

“Love and other troubles”, 2006
The film “Love and other troubles” is a cute and very cool comedy about relationships, friends and real unity with nature.

The interesting thing is that this is not just a comedy, but an instructive and very convincing story with an exciting humor and true life.

View required.

“Test”, 2008
And in this film, Sarah Jessica Parker not only played, but also produced it.

“Test” is a picture that raises issues and problems like racism and problems of racial identity.

In the story, a black student of an elite college receives anonymous letters with threats, and the whole problem develops around the reaction of the leadership of this college to the situation with their student.

As a result, events unfold very unexpectedly, given that the leadership of the college openly admits its racism.

“I don’t know how she does it,” 2011
And this is a film directed by Douglas McGrath, in which Sarah Jessica Parker appeared in a rather unusual way for her.
Here she is an intelligent career woman who is torn between her beloved job and family.

However, the film looks more like a biography of the main character than a regular family comedy. Sarah is very convincing here, and the story is very vital.

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