Cult female images in cinema: 100 years in 3 minutes
In the 21st century, in 3 minutes, you can easily move 100 years ago and find out how female film images changed over the decades. In our review, photos and…

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Porsche 944 Cold Air Intakes
5 real houses that "lit up" in Hollywood movies
Thanks to his favorite films, not only the actors and their heroes become relatives, but also the houses in which the motion picture takes place. While watching a movie, many…

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8 cars that won crazy popularity thanks to Hollywood
Hollywood is not only the world of cinema, but also a great advertising platform, at least for cars. It’s enough for a car to appear in a popular movie; it…

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There are comedies, there are blockbusters that go and move according to the canon. And there are films that can really surprise us, embarrass and upset.

If you want to tickle your nerves, then this film is just for you.

The house that Jack built
This is a complex and psychological thriller by Lars von Trier. The plot develops in America 70s.

Jack is a serial killer who has been in this business for 12 years. Jack does everything very cool and sophisticated, but sometimes even absurd. For each murder, he is very sophisticated. And that’s cool.

Another difficult film about the 70s, in which Tilda Swinton is amazing as always.

Her heroine wants to embody her – to get into the world-famous dance academy. Here is everything. And the authentic gray atmosphere of the GDR and the complex plot. The overall gray mood is not depressing, but it looks very impressive.

Under Silver Lake
This is a thriller that tells about a guy who loves hidden messages. And the whole story tells about these messages, which the hero Edrew Garfield is trying to understand. There are a lot of references to old films and this is awesome.

The heroine of the film Fox is an erotic chat star with a lot of fans, she dreams of becoming popular. However, at one point her access was blocked and her copy in the chat instead.

The film is called grayer than the Black Mirror, so dramatic and sharply social history.

Velvet chainsaw
Hero Jake Gyllenhaal lives a quiet life of art critic. But everything changes when his girlfriend found a warehouse of paintings in the apartment of her late neighbor. And then the race began.

Bird box
The heroes of the film are in chaos and all commit suicide together, because people see their greatest fear.

Women with two children decide to save them and sleep in a safe place. However, in order to survive, you should always be with your eyes closed and listen to the birds – they are harbingers of impending danger.

Here is a gorgeous Sandra Bullock and a very vivid plot.

Here is an interesting vision of the future, because the action takes place in Berlin in 2052.

Mute bartender Leo Byler tries to unravel the mystery of the disappearance of his beloved. Attempts lead him to two American surgeons, from whom he wants to get help in the search, but they are worth running from.

Here is the alumni farewell party, which eventually became a real death thaw. Simply, all were under the influence of hard drugs and forced to live the longest night in their lives, which will bring them everything. Some people consider the film dirty and terrible, while others are delighted. You decide.

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