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French romantic comedies – this is a real classic of the genre of cute cinema about love. And when the soul asks for love and humor, it is they who first come to mind.

We have found for you 5 of the coolest romantic comedies that you can definitely see when you want to spend a cool romantic evening.

Fatal Beauty

2006 Romantic Comedy starring Audrey Botu. Here, along with the icon of the French cinema, the handsome Gad Elmaleh starred. On the screen, these two handsome men wove a real triangle, in which Audrey Tautou is a hunter for the rich and successful, and the hero of Elmalekh is a real disappointment. But he wants to conquer this beauty, using the good old way – jealousy and the desire to shake a lot of money out of a new girl. And how did it all end?

I want to like Bridget

In the original naming, the film is called “Josephine” – this is the name of the heroine.

However, the heroine of the film really imitates the famous Bridget Jones. She is a bit plump and not very lucky in love, but she wants to fix it and overcomes all the obstacles in order to meet her betrothed.

Random romance
Another movie with Audrey Tautou. Only here she is the owner of a beauty salon who wants to save her mother from depression. Her mother divorced and lost any hope for a bright future.

However, Emily accidentally received a message from a fan who could save her mother from suffering and depression. However, the fan has long disappeared, and Emily continues to write love letters to her mother.

pretend to be my boyfriend
The heroine of the film is a career woman who loves only her daughter and her work. And he dreams only of the position of chief editor in gloss. But the chief does not want to give up the position – he is young and very lively.

And by chance the whole glamorous world has bypassed a rumor that the main character has an affair with this young man. And what came of it?

(NOT) a welcome prince
The protagonist of the film is the real Don Juan of his time, an avid kholosyatk, who forgot about the wedding of his own daughter. He needs to go to the other end of France, but Paris is on strike: all parking and airports are closed.

He rides an electric car through the entire country, and throughout the entire journey he meets a girl. Marie dreams of a prince and a wedding once for a lifetime.

However, the scenario for the “Unexpected Prince” was written by Luc Besson, which means that everything is not as straightforward as it seems at first glance.

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