Write down the best love movies that will help you tune in to the romantic mood before February 14! See you The heroine of Emilia Clark from hopelessness gets a…

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10 little-known facts about the creator of the robot R2-D2 - the cult character of "Star Wars"
Tony Dyson may not be as well known as George Lucas, but his contribution to Star Wars is simply impossible to overestimate. The visual effects specialist came up with eight…

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8 legendary film images that influenced the development of the fashion industry
After successful film roles, some actresses gain not only fame and millions of fans, but also the title of style icon. While admiring and admiring the heroines of cult films,…

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For all fans of action films and terrible endings, we specially prepared this compilation. Memorize and watch unbanal thrillers that will conquer you at first sight. But it is better to watch them with the lights on.

Curse cry
This is a 2019 film that tells about a woman who drowned her children and then committed suicide. That’s when she was reborn as a ghost who constantly cries and steals other people’s children. For centuries.

If you hear her cry, then death awaits you.

The Curse of Annabelle: The Birth of Evil
And this is a prequel to the popular and very scary story about Annabel’s doll. He tells in a very dark and innocent manner how the ghost in the doll Anabel at first spoiled the life of orphan girls, and then a dozen other families.

Dark mirror
The main heroine is Maria. She is a teenager who does not get a normal relationship with any classmates or parents.

The girl shares her problems with her reflection in the mirror. That’s just it began to live their lives. And this is not very good.

IN THE THEME, Scientists told what kind of pet prolongs life

No, this is not “Paranormal Activity”, but a 2017 film about two brothers Justin and Aaron, who fled the sect.

At the age of 10, they began receiving messages from their “family”. The guys decided to go on a visit to the guys from the cult and faced with what they were not ready to face.

Six people unfamiliar with each other were invited to a harmless quest game. The prize in which – a lot of money. However, they did not specify that in order to receive the prize you need not to die. Here is such an exciting game. And the film is very interesting.

Is it possible to snatch a grenade check with your teeth with ease, like in a Hollywood movie?
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8 of the most iconic routes of books and films that each must repeat
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