From X-rays to computers: 9 technological forecasts, which turned out to be false
The level of technology has always been considered one of the main components of the development of society. Today, representing the world of the future, most often dream of a…

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Train schedules in Germany
10 fascinating fictional languages that are found in literature and in movies
Quite often, writers and screenwriters endow their heroes with their own fictional languages. Sometimes, in order to preserve the intrigue of what is happening, sometimes in order to add depth…

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Nike MAG-2015: those sneakers with automatic lacing from “Back to the Future”
To beat the near future in the cinema is a thankless task. Almost 26 years have passed since the release of the second part of the cult film “Back to…

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On May 14, 2019, the opening of the 72 Cannes Film Festival was held: one of the most interesting and influential events in the film industry.

And while film critics are expecting a whole parade of movie stars and debutants, we have collected for you 5 of the most promising pictures that you should definitely see.

The dead do not die

The painting “The Dead Do Not Die” will first be shown in Cannes, and on June 14 will appear at the box office. This is ironic horror from the popular and very interesting Jim Jarmusch. Adam Driver, Bill Murray and Chloe Sevigny are in the picture.

This cool trio will play the police who save the world from zombies (and the zombies will play Inga Pop.

Still in the film is Tilda Swinton and Selena Gomez. And it all sounds very cool.

Young Ahmet

The picture “Young Ahmet” is a difficult story about a teenager from Belgium who, at any rate, wants to kill his teacher after he has read an extremist version of the Quran.

Such a complex and controversial story appeared from the pen of the Darren brothers – they had already received the Golden Palm for the film Rositta in 1999 and the Cannes Grand Prix for The Boy with the Bicycle. They know how to shake.

Matthias and Maxim

The film “Mattias and Maxim” is the eighth film by Xavier Dolan, a real cinema prodigy. In this picture, Dolan was not only the director, screenwriter and producer, but also played the main role of Maxim.

This is a story about the complex relationship of young friends and two guys. So far nothing is known about the painting, but it looks very luxurious.


This picture will be shown in cinemas, but first in Cannes. Last year, director Dexter Fletcher has already blown up the cinema world with his “Bohemian Rhapsody”, so luxurious luxury is expected from the story about Elton John. By the way, the singer himself acted as a co-producer and co-scriptwriter, arguing that “Rocketman” is more a fantasy about the creative path than a classical biography.

Pain and fame
This is 21 pictures of the popular director Pedro Almodovar: she is very personal and biographical.

The main character, Salvador Mallo, is sick and in a crisis, remembering all the important things for him: from childhood to movies. Picture taken in Madrid at the director’s film studio. And the main role played by Antonio Banderas….

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