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Beautiful far: 7 realities from science fiction films that will appear in the coming years

The future overtakes us suddenly. We have already come to terms with smartphones that have organically penetrated our lives, flat-panel TVs and other devices that we previously could only see in science fiction films. But scientists and engineers are doing their work every day so that even more futuristic technologies will become possible in the very near future. And today we will tell about 7 inventions and realities from science fiction, which will appear in the next two decades.

Thermonuclear reactor

Work on the creation of a functional thermonuclear reactor has been going on for several decades, but so far no one has even been able to even come close to solving this problem. But the well-known technology company Lockheed Martin, a partner of the US Department of Defense and NASA, promises to build a working prototype of such a reactor within the next year.

Work on relevant technologies has been carried out by Lockheed Martin for the past sixty years. And now experts from this company claim that they have reached that level of energy stability during thermonuclear reactions in order to try to create a working version of the reactor.

In this case, the fusion reactor from Lockheed Martin will be so compact that it can be installed on trains, airplanes and even trucks. And this will be a real revolution in the field of transport and energy.

Lockheed Martin suggests that the first truck with a fusion reactor will appear in their system in about 10 years.
Inhabited station on the moon

One of the most popular topics of science fiction in the last fifty years has been the dream of man’s mastering the cosmos, including building permanent stations on the Moon and Mars. So far, the Red Planet will have to be delayed, but bases on the only natural satellite of the Earth may appear in the coming decades. At least, this suggests the Russian lunar program.

The Russian exploration of the moon is expected to take place in several stages. First, our country will send several satellites to this celestial object, which will become part of the infrastructure of the future lunar station. We are talking about automatic spacecraft “Luna-25”, “Luna-26”, “Luna-27”, “Luna-28” and “Luna-29” to study the surface of the Moon and create a reliable network for coordination between man-made objects in Cosmos and the Earth.

Then several manned fly-overs of the Moon will be carried out, technical crews will land on its surface to prepare the site for building the base, and then directly erect a manned station on the Earth’s natural satellite. The last stage is expected to take place in the 2040-2050s.

Exoskeleton and Iron Man Costume

Any boy, watching movies or reading comics about Iron Man, dreams that one day he will have a technological suit that will turn him into a superman – a strong and clever warrior on guard of world justice. And in the next couple of decades, it really can happen. After all, there are already real prototypes of working exoskeletons. Of course, this is still far from a complete suit of Iron Man, but the first steps towards creating one.

One of the most promising modern exoskeletons is the TALOS suit, which is being developed for the army of the United States of America by several dozens of technical companies and research institutions. TALOS has armor that can withstand direct hits from bullets and tangents – fragments. The pneumatic exoskeleton system allows a person to run in it with great speed and carry loads weighing up to 45 kilograms.

In addition, the TALOS suit carries a fighter’s health care system. We are talking about a multitude of sensors that control different physical and physiological parameters of a person, as well as a multitude of inflatable cuffs, which in automatic mode can localize the injury site and stop the bleeding there.

Another exoskeleton now popular is a costume called XOS 2. This device does not yet have armor and protection, but it allows a person to carry an unnoticed weight of tens of kilograms, which he could not have moved before.

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