《State of Play》再玩政界迷局

政治陰謀片在荷里活陰魂不散,仲要套套都係羅素高爾( Russell Crowe )主演!繼《犯罪帝國》( American Gangster )、《叛諜同謀》( Body of Lies )之後,羅素高爾攜手《最後的蘇格蘭王》導演奇雲麥當奴( Kevin Macdonald )將英國電視劇集《State of Play》改編成電影,更邀得巨星級卡士:《珍珠港》賓艾佛力( Ben Affleck )、《忘了忘不了》麗素麥雅當斯( Rachel McAdams )、《英女皇》海倫美蘭( Helen Mirren )、《阿甘正傳》羅賓活麗萍( Robin Wright Penn )。

《State of Play》電影版將故事背景搬到20世紀70年代的華盛頓,講述一班記者協助警方調查眾議員情婦謀殺案的經歷,試圖探討新聞獨立,傳媒與政治關係等敏感話題。該片本周在美國開畫,口碑不俗,不過很多朋友都說,電影不如電視劇集精彩。原版其實是《哈利波特—鳳凰會的密令》導演大衛葉斯( David Yates )的成名作,演出陣容亦十分強勁:《魔疫》大衛莫利斯( David Morrissey )、《Human Traffic》John Simm、《2百萬奪命奇案》加莉麥當奴( Kelly Macdonald )、《真的戀愛了》標尼菲( Bill Nighy )、《殺神特工》占士麥艾禾( James McAvoy )。有興趣的影迷不妨對兩個版本進行比較。

《State of Play》劇場版預告

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《State of Play》將於2009年4月17日在美國上映。

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7 thoughts on “《State of Play》再玩政界迷局”

  1. "政治陰謀片在荷里活陰魂不散". Why "陰魂不散 "? This subject is doing fine and well in America. Since the birth of the America Government, political corruption stories are ordinary and common.

    "仲要套套都係羅素高爾( Russell Crowe )主演!繼《犯罪帝國》( American Gangster )、《叛諜同謀》( Body of Lies )之後" What is wrong starting with Russell Crowe? He is a fine actor with intensity and true to this craft.

    Mr. Crowe played a crusading police office in America Gangster, his bold and striking character had viewers believed that he gave up his personal life to catch Mr. Washington. America Gangster was well received in America.

    In Body of Lies, Mr. Crowe played a convincing street wise, intelligent, smart CIA officer that had Leo on a government leash. But at the same time, he respected Leo for the dangerous work in the Middle East.

    I enjoyed State of Play. It was an old-fashioned drama about crusading journalists and crooked politicians. Once again, Russell Crowe played a convincing news reporter. The script was well- written by Tony Gilroy, who directed Michael Clayton. Even thought the story took places in D.C. and the newsroom, Tony Gilroy smartly released hints and clues along the movie. To me, it kept viewers interested without dragging the story.

    The steller cast by Rachel McAdams, Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck, Jason Bateman, Robin Wright Penn, Helen Mirren and Jeff Daniels almost makes me believe in the power of hard nose reporting and journalism.

    With many characters and dialogues to follow, I would not be surprise if this movie not doing well in Asia. FYI, Michael Clayton was not well received in Asia.

  2. 大概是他的一系列電影作品吧, 或者他也樂在其中, 既然他適合演也沒什麼理由不繼續演下去, 不過我又的確想看他其他方面的演技發揮

  3. Unbelievable! Whoever wrote that description about this movie obviously DID NOT see the movie. It was classic drama, a very good movie indeed, and it was doing very well in the U.S. Seriously, please watch the movie before you write a critic report!

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