經典科幻系列,再度技驚全球,嶄新手法演繹,超強震撼特技!二十世紀霍士影片今日正式發佈「X檔案大電影」續集《我要相信:X檔案》 ( The X-Files: I Want to Believe )首條電影宣傳片段!


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5 thoughts on “《X檔案大電影2》首條預告片”

  1. @14k


  2. Why do you think "forcing" people to believe makes sense than "letting" people to believe on their own?

    要 = must, intention with force, in your face method, no chooice.
    想 = want, maybe, not sure, show me evidence, show me prove.

  3. @14k

    Hehe. "The X-Files" always involves extraterrestrial and supernatural mysteries. It's actually "happening" no matter we believe it or not.

    It's not easy to accept something transcending the knowledge of a human being but we'll find out that there's no choice. In the trailer, someone asked Fox Mulder, "So you believe in these kind of things? " And he said, "Let's just say that I want to believe."

    我「要」相信, or we won't find the truth. =)

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